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Non-profit organization BRAC is a non-profit organization that works


BRAC NGO Job Circular 2023 : Non-profit organization BRAC is a non-profit organization that works in various ways for the development of the country, society and people. Their objective is to assist the government in development based on funding from various foreign donors and actively contribute to socio-economic development. Bangladesh currently has more than 2,000 NGOs working on education, health, agriculture, employment and other issues.

Why do you work in BRAC NGO?

The type of work in BRAC NGOs is different from other sectors. Before entering this profession, one must decide mentally whether this profession is suitable for him or not. Here every worker has to work for the welfare of people spontaneously. So why you work in an NGO depends on your desire to stand with the underprivileged in your society. Also, you will get a variety of benefits while working in BRAC NGO as a helpful factor in building your career. From the opportunity of traveling to different parts of the country, you will get to know the people and culture of those regions very closely. Above all, the poor can directly engage themselves in the developmental work of the underprivileged.

Types of BRAC NGO Job: Types of work in NGOs can be mainly divided into two categories. One is project based, and the other is permanent.

  • Project: Employees are engaged on contract basis in project based works. That is, as long as the duration of the project, they will work for that position. Such projects usually have an average duration of 3 years. However, the duration of these projects can be renewed later. Your performance will depend on whether your contract will be renewed for the next part of the project.
  • Regular/Permanent: There are some posts in NGOs which are called regular positions. They are not directly related to the project. These are also called supervisory positions. For example, Finance Manager, Accounts Manager, Human Resource Manager etc. Remuneration of permanent managers does not depend on a particular project. They are supervised by project officers. The workplace and type of work for those employed on a permanent basis are generally similar to those in other sectors.
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Entry Level: The first 3 to 6 months of employment of recruits is considered as probationary period. For entry level people are usually appointed as Assistant Officer/ Assistant Program Officer/ Assistant Monitoring Officer, Associate officer. Some organizations directly recruit people for officer positions. These posts are usually open to those who have completed Masters.

And for those who want to start working after passing SSC and HS, there are some posts like Facilitator, Community Facilitator, Community Teacher, Community Mobilizer etc. Their salary structure is limited between 6 thousand to 10 thousand rupees. Their tasks are: meeting with the local people, making maps of useful resources in the area that can be used by the people, reporting to the project leader at regular intervals, etc.’

BRAC NGO Salary and Promotion

The salary structure in NGOs depends on the policies of the organization. International NGOs pay relatively higher salaries than domestic NGOs. The salary of entry level employees is between 10 thousand to 35 thousand rupees. Salary also often depends on the area in which the worker is assigned.

Salaries at entry level are low because ideally NGOs do not work for any commercial profit. So NGOs aim to pay the workers as little as possible to use the remaining money for development purposes. Salary will be low initially but will increase with promotion later on.
The pattern of promotion in NGOs is very different from other sectors. Promotion in most NGOs is ‘performance based’ rather than ‘time based’.

Good organizations have an “Annual Performance Appraisal System” which evaluates the performance of employees at the end of the year. Hence, unlike in other sectors, promotion is not guaranteed by working for a fixed period of time, rather it depends on the employee’s performance and performance.

BRAC NGO, one of the largest development organizations in the world today, provides its employees with festival bonus, contributory provident fund, gratuity, health and life insurance and other benefits.

BRAC is an international development agency based in Bangladesh that partners with more than 100 million people living with inequality and poverty worldwide to create sustainable opportunities to realize potential.

BRAC NGO Job Circular 2023

Working at BRAC NGO is not like any other job. BRAC NGO is a platform where you can make a real difference to the people who need it most. BRAC NGO is not just dreaming of a better world, we are building it. Join us to find the way.

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Why BRAC is the best NGO job

The international charity BRAC NGO believes that everyone we work with, including our staff, program participants, partners and communities, has the right to be protected from all forms of harm, abuse, neglect, harassment and exploitation.

The international charity BRAC NGO upholds human dignity and inclusion for all, regardless of age, race, religion, gender, disability, ethnic origin or socio-economic status.

As an equal opportunity employer, we actively encourage applications from gender-diverse individuals and people with disabilities. Any personal inducement will disqualify the candidature.

Other Facilities BRAC NGO

Other Facilities: The NGO has special facilities for women. This sector is called ‘Women Friendly’. Here women are given priority in recruitment. In some NGOs travel allowance is paid more to women than to men. Besides, their safety is also taken care of.

Apart from basic salary, NGOs also provide house rent, traveling allowance, festival allowance, maternity/paternity leave (paternity leave is usually 10 days) etc. Besides, Hardship Allowance is also provided.

It should be noted that since international NGOs work in different countries of the world, they pay special attention to the safety of officials and employees. Because, if someone in one of the countries is affected by the insecurity incident, the NGO has to answer for him in all the other countries.

What is BRAC NGO Job Qualification?

Mental preparation: In giving a job to a job candidate in an NGO, the first thing to look for is whether the candidate is mentally fit or not. Mental preparation is not the main thing for working in Project Support Section, but for field level job candidates should have willingness to work and mix with everyone, desire to know people, enterprising attitude for the development of society. He should have an understanding of the structure of society: why people are poor, where gender discrimination begins, how culture changes, how urbanization occurs, etc. There is no room for conventional thinking here. For this you have to read newspapers and social analysis books. Keep in mind that entry level projects may send you to remote areas. So, you have to have the mentality of working together with the people of that area for their development. A candidate’s commitment, knowledge of society and respect for people are highly valued in offering such jobs.

Education: Those who have studied in science, arts, commerce or any other faculty – there are jobs in NGOs for everyone. However, getting a job here is relatively easy for those who have studied social sciences. In that case, they can start the job with a basic training (bdjobs training), then if they like the job, they can take a master’s degree in development studies.

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Training: Bdjobs Training, BRAC, University of Dhaka (Development Studies Department) etc. can do various courses related to NGOs. These do not require specific educational qualifications. Besides, there is internal training after getting the job.

NGO jobs Circular 2023

Experience: International BRAC NGO require 2-3 years of experience even at entry level. But it is not needed in indigenous NGOs. One can work as an intern in various BRAC NGOs to gain experience. Interships are less advertised. If you don’t want to officially intern with an NGO, you can ask them on your own to give you a certificate after a certain period of time in exchange for unpaid work for a few days a week. Also, if one has a record of community service during student life, then that counts as experience.

Work in NGOs is very dynamic and multi-dimensional, BRAC
Working with hard work and concentration for the first two-three years in an NGO will benefit the country and society as well as help you in shaping your future.

BRAC NGO jobs – BRAC Careers

BRAC NGO jobs are multi-faceted, there are wide scope of work. Interacting with various communities at the field level, reporting their problems to the government and established circles of society, undertaking various projects for their development, collecting donations from donor groups for this, managing various projects as a whole – NGOs have many important tasks at various levels.

BRAC NGO Job Circular Apply Process 2023

BRAC NGO Job Circular 2023: Participate in the competitive NGO Job War before the application deadline to get appointed in the desired position in BRAC NGO according to your qualifications. Job Posting Sites : After applying the application process from it is advised to follow the following instructions.

Application Procedure: Interested and eligible job aspirants who are interested in applying for the BRAC NGO Job Circular 2023 should click on the Apply button after knowing the full BRAC NGO Job Circular 2023 and apply properly. Follow Google News to get latest job news.


While the job application process can be difficult, search for vacancies. Once you’ve found a vacancy that interests you, the next step is to submit your application.

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