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Italy Work Visa 2023: How to Get Your Italian Work Permit?

Italy Visa Application - Guide to Italy Schengen Visa


Italy Work Visa 2023: How to Get Your Italian Work Permit? With a rich historical and artistic heritage, and a wide range of employee benefits including vacation, maternity, vacation and overtime benefits, Italy is considered by some to be one of the best places to work in the world.

Italy Work Visa 2023

Those wishing to live and work in Italy must first know how to secure an Italy work visa and residency permit. We have compiled all the information you need to get an Italy work visa below.

Italy Visa Application Deadline

The Italian government has published a gazette to hire 82 thousand 705 workers in 2023. The gazette has the details of what kind of work people will be recruited for. According to the official gazette, citizens of 33 countries, including Bangladesh, can apply for a work visa in Italy. The Local.

The application will start from 9 am local time on March 27 and will end on December 31, 2023. The Local.

Italy Work Visa 2023 Quota Reservation

According to the country’s Ministry of Home Affairs, 44 thousand and 38 thousand 705 workers will be hired in the agricultural and temporary category and 38 thousand 705 in the permanent sponsor category. These workers will be recruited on permanent and seasonal basis for agriculture, transport, tourism, shipbuilding industry, mechanics and manufacturing sectors. Besides, entrepreneurs, freelancers, artists, people who want to start a business can also get Italy visa.

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Earlier in 2001, Italy gave work permits to 30,000 people. In 2022 this number was 69 thousand 700 and in 2023 it increased to 82 thousand 705 people.

Italy visa cost

The cost of obtaining a work visa for Italy is 116 Euros (USD 140). However, the fee may vary depending on the applicant’s country of origin and the type of visa they are applying for. It is important to note that the fee must be paid in the currency of the country where the application is made unless otherwise specified.

In addition to the visa fee, applicants may also have to pay additional costs such as travel, accommodation and document translation. It is important to consider these costs when planning to apply for an Italian work visa.

Download Italy Visa Application Form

The Italy Visa application form should be completely filled and signed by the visa applicant. A separate Italy visa application form is required for each applicant.


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